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When you make the choice to become part of the SBS family, you are choosing a team that will be with you through all the stages of your life. Both our agents and administrative team are here to assist you with a variety of services to make it easy when the time comes to use your insurance or if you need to update or make changes on your current policy coverage.

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Get the Medicare coverage you need in a simple & fast manner.

We educate our clients on the financial risks they may face due to life-changing experiences such as transitioning onto Medicare, retiring, or dealing with unexpected health complications.

We can help you decide which plan makes the most sense for your needs and your budget. Our consultations are free and our agents are local. We also have a full staff readily available to answer your calls and your questions Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.

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With all the insurance changes that occur on a daily basis I am extremely confident that my best interest is taken care of through you and your team! It's soooo reassuring and stress free knowing you have "my back". Many thanks to you, Clint, and your staff. 

- Janet D, Customer Since 2012

I absolutely loved the communication! I felt like Kari really took the time to explain my options and made sure I understood what I was signing up for. I would highly recommend Kari to anyone that has any questions or wants to get started!

- Glenn V, March 2020

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Always looking out for us. We don't have to do all of that quote shopping! We trust SBS to get the best plan for us!

- Customer Since 2017

The devil is in the details. You do a great job of asking the right questions and finding the appropriate plan. Thanks for your help. We appreciate you efforts and always trust your advice.

- Kenneth H., Customer Since 2015

When I first enrolled in Medicare I was overwhelmed with the choices and even the terminology. My agent was able to help me understand what my choices were and how to choose the right plan for me and to answer all my questions. I can’t even imagine the headache it would have been without her help. Plus I love that she stays in touch and is available to help with any questions that may come up in my healthcare insurance needs.

- Jeanne S., Customer Since 2017

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