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Being informed of your elgibility status and necessary next steps is critical to securing your health care coverage.

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Our team here at Senior Benefit Services is dedicated to helping individuals find the right Medicare plan for themselves -- and understanding the full extent of their coverage plan.

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When should you enroll?

Medicare offers several enrollment periods for eligible parties -- however, not all enrollment periods are created the same. Individuals 65-years-old or quickly approaching should pay attention to their sign-up periods as possible penalties do apply.

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The devil is in the details. You do a great job of asking the right questions and finding the appropriate plan. Thanks for your help. We appreciate you efforts and always trust your advice.

— Kenneth H., Customer Since 2015


”When I first enrolled in Medicare I was overwhelmed with the choices and even the terminology. My agent was able to help me understand what my choices were and how to choose the right plan for me and to answer all my questions.”

— Jeanne S., Customer Since 2017

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